The Trailhead Store

Buy it and we’ll ‘Send it’


What better way to show you’re a Trailhead Rider than with a quality t-shirt available in a range of colours and designs.


Disguise those nasty scratches on your bike or display your Trailhead pride with a selection of Trailhead Riders stickers.


Stickers and t-shirts don’t always cut it. If you’re looking for something unique look no further than these accessories


Why should your bike get all the love?

We believe a little self care doesn’t go astray either. That’s why we’ve designed a range of mountain bike clothing and accessories so you can dress and live the part even when you’re not riding.

And if your loved one is not allowed in the house (your bike that is) then at least you can deck out your pad with some sweet Trailhead gear like cups, pillows and a tote bag or decorate your belongings with some stickers.

The trailhead story

For many the trailhead is a place of discovery, it’s where your journeys start and adventures begin – a place where you go to catch up with mates or where you make new connections with people that share a passion.

Trailhead Riders started in such a way, an unlikely crew of strangers that developed a friendship through mountain biking. We never claimed to be the best riders but we’re always there to support each other – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our crew is made up of riders that bomb down the techy descents or that whip over jumps – some even ‘send it uphill’ – we don’t usually talk to those riders – we’re too out of breath trying to keep up.

Most importantly we are inclusive – not exclusive – and simply love riding together.

If you belong to a crew like ours, Trailhead Riders – Mountain Bike Clothing and Accessories are made for you. Wear it with pride knowing you belong.

Our aim is to provide quality garments and accessories designed for the mountain bike community.